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'A Journey of Discovery'
By Graham Mabbutt

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'A PASSION FOR DOGS' 'A Journey of Discovery' By Graham Mabbutt'A Passion For Dogs' is written to enjoy and learn, not only for the enthusiast, or would be dog enthusiast/companion owner, but also for those who have an aversion to dogs, and as a tribute to the selfless devotion of the domestic dog to man.
It is also a book of reference.
It meanders on a journey of discovering dogs and the dog scene in 2000 leading you on through anecdotes (some humorous) acquiring knowledge to an understanding and liking for dogs even for the dog phobic and the anti-dog brigade.
Most of all, this book will give you an understanding of good character and soundness, free from hereditary defect within breed type, and in knowing demand that breeders through Kennel Club and Breed Club standards discriminate against and selectively breed.

'A PASSION FOR DOGS' 'A Journey of Discovery' By Graham Mabbutt
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